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Yamsay Mountain, Oregon (8196 ft)

Yamsay Mountain From the Northwest

Fremont-Winema National Forest
Summitpost: Yamsay Mountain
Summitpost: Yamsay Mountain Trail

Route: Yamsay Mountain Trail

Yamsay Mountain is a dormant shield volcano with a glacier-carved crater viewable from the summit. The summit is the site of a former lookout tower, and the trail is the former lookout access road that has been heavily carved with water bars (berms) for erosion control and crossed by many downed trees.

The Summitpost links above provide a good description of how to get to the trailhead. However, I accessed the forest roads via OR Highway 31 and noticed some differences from the Summitpost description.

From OR Highway 31 about 1 mile west of Silver Lake turn southwest onto Bear Flat Lane (county 4-10). Follow this road for 29.1 miles, about 0.7 miles beyond milepost 22, and turn left onto FSR 49 at the sign "Jackson Creek 5 miles".

Follow FSR 49 past "Jackson Creek Campground" at 4.6 miles and turn left onto FSR 4972 (signed) at 5.0 miles. Follow FSR 4972 and turn left onto FSR 4973 signed "Marsh View Trail" and "Yamsay Mtn" at 6.5 miles. Continue on FSR 4973 to the trailhead, passing "Short Cut Trail" at 6.6 miles, following signs to "Yamsay Mtn" at 7.9 and 8.6 miles, bearing right at 9.7 miles, and reaching the trailhead at 10.7 miles. There is parking here for several vehicles.

The forest along the trail is generally open, so if the downed timber becomes too difficult to step over look to one side or the other to find a way through the forest around the difficulty. The trail switchbacks a few times higher on the route and once you see the ridge line a few feet above your left it is easier to scramble to the ridge than continue following the road. The summit is near the eastern end of the crater ridge just above some lookout tower foundations. The route is 3.4 miles one way. Return the same way to the trailhead.


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