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Gearhart Mountain, Oregon (8370 ft)

Gearhart Mountain from Gearhart Mountain Trail
Gearhart Mountain from Gearhart Mountain Trail
Gearhart Mountain Summit
Gearhart Mountain Summit

Fremont National Forest

Route: Gearhart Mountain Trail

From the Lookout Rock Trailhead (6340 ft), take Gearhart Mountain Trail west through the Palisade Rocks, beneath The Dome, to the saddle at 7910 feet where you can see the summit for the first time. Beyond the saddle the trail passes below cliffs. To climb above these cliffs to reach the summit ridge, hike west from the saddle cross country up to the cliffs and continue west a short distance to where you can find easy access to the ridge. Follow the summit ridge north above the cliffs. Drop down slightly to the west to skirt steep rock where the ridge narrows, then regain the broad ridge line and follow it to the summit.

An alternative way to gain the summit ridge is to continue on the Gearhart Mountain Trail north from the saddle beneath the cliffs until you are north of the steep rock where the ridge narrows above. Then climb up through forest and scree to gain the summit ridge. Total round-trip distance is about 12 miles with a 2030 foot net elevation gain.


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