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Diamond Peak, Oregon (8744 ft)

Diamond Peak, Summit Ridge
Diamond Peak, North Summit

Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests
Willamette National Forest

Route: Diamond Peak Trail #3699 and South Ridge

This route is the one described in Bond, 75 Scrambles in Oregon.

From Crescent Lake on OR Highway 58 turn south on FSR 60. Turn right at mile 2.3 to continue on FSR 60. Take a hard right at mile 7.3 to turn onto dirt road FSR 6010 signed "6010 Summit Lake".

Follow FSR 6010 for 6.6 miles and turn right onto FSR 380. This is signed "Emigrant Pass 2154 380". I drove another 0.7 mile before parking on a pullout at a small lake, after which the road narrowed. FSR 6010 and 380 are dirt roads with significant ruts and rock outcroppings. Several times I had to stop to work out how to pass over rocks and ruts. I recommend you use a high-clearance 4WD vehicle to travel this road. In another 0.2 mile beyond where I parked the road widened and turned to gravel for the last 0.1 mile to the Diamond Peak Trailhead.

Follow the Diamond Peak Trail for 1.8 miles, then turn right onto Rockpile Trail #3632. Follow it east 1.4 miles, traversing Diamond Rockpile and drop down to Rockpile Lake. Here turn left on a trail signed for Marie Lake and walk about 0.2 mile to the eastern end of Marie Lake.

From Marie Lake turn north (bring a compass) and climb through forest off trail. Look around and note landmarks to help you on your descent. At about 7100 feet I found a depression in the ridge. From here the forest begins to thin and I climbed slightly left to gain a rocky ridge, and followed it and some snowfields to the south (false) summit (8421 feet). From the south summit follow the climbers trail north along the summit ridge, passing some gendarmes on the way, to reach the middle (true) summit (8744 feet).

Descend the same route. I found a boot track below the south summit that headed slightly left (east) of my ascent route, but I decided to descend my ascent route, instead. Head due south through the forest to reach Marie Lake and the trail back. Total distance is about 12 miles round trip from the trailhead.


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