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Bullrun Rock, Oregon (7873 ft)

Bullrun Rock from Table Rock
Bullrun Rock from Table Rock
Bullrun Rock
Bullrun Rock

Malheur National Forest
Bull Run Trailhead

Route: Table Rock Trail

From downtown Praire City on US 26 turn south on Bridge Street and follow it as it curves left (east). This road becomes CR 62. Continue 8 miles on CR 62 SE then turn left at MP 8 onto FR 13 (paved). Continue about 12 miles, then turn left on FR 1370 (gravel). Follow signs towards Table Rock Lookout, taking a left fork at 4.0 miles from FR 13, and turning right at 5.4 miles. Pass Elk Flat Spring Campground on your right at 5.6 miles. Continue on this primitive but passable road towards the lookout. At 9.2 miles the the Table Rock Trailhead is on the right where the road takes a sharp left turn upward (switchback). There is some parking space here. If interested, you can continue on the road to reach the Table Rock Lookout at 9.9 miles from FR 13.

Follow the Table Rock Trail (an old jeep road) ESE across a mountain prairie to pass south of Bullrun Rock. At about 1.7 miles the road becomes faint near a post. Turn left at the post and hike upward across open country to the base of Bullrun Rock and then scramble up a steep boot track over occasional slabs to the summit.

You can retrace your steps on the descent, or take a more direct boot track from near the summit towards the trail, but this track eventually becomes faint as it leads into brush before reaching the trail.


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